About LUK




Liuzhou Lian United Knives CO., LTD. is located in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province of China.  It is a integrative company who specialized in supplying and producing machine knives and special cutting tools.  We offer knives for paper industry, wood industry, food industry, packaging & printing industry, metal industry and plastic industry etc.  Most of the shapes of knife are available.  Our company is in the area of Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Region which comprises abundant industries of various productions and services.  LUK Knife deeply benefits from the complete industrial chain in the Pan-Pearl River Delta Economic Region, such as, we can select various types of steel to produce different knives/blades, and have the efficient cargo express delivery etc, to meet all customers' needs.  Just need a drawing or a sample, our customers can get what they need exactly from us.  Now our market covers Europe, North America, South America, Middle-East and Southeast Asia. 

With our efficient and cooperative team, and our stable QC system, we can make sure our goods in top quality and stability. We always control all the operations from drawing to material choosing and sample making to test of goods strictly. "Treating every product with 100% sincerity, and cherish every chance to serve the customer" is our attitude.

What we focus on: The promises to our customers.

What we rely on: Satisfying quality of our goods.



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