Tobacco Cutting Knife,Tobacco Knife,Circular Knives

  LUK machine knives for the tobacco industry are designed and produced with experience by the experienced workers and innovative engineers. These high quality tobacco leaf blades are  manufactured not only from various materials but also in high quality and strict precision. We provide ultrahigh quality blades when processing raw tobacco and when fabricating cigars and will deliver the best results.

  Tobacco Knife Material:

  Tungsten Carbide,high carbon,high chrome,(HSS) high speed steel

  cobalt HSS,O1,SK5,52100,D2,Sinter HSS

     carbide to meet your requirements and are manufactured to strict tolerances.


Tobacco Cutting Knife


  Tobacco Knife Commonly Applied in :

  Tobacco Sorter 3,Simotion,Gambler,Molins

  Fresh Choice,Hauni,GD,Sasib,

  Decoufle, ITM, Skandia And other machines.

  We make different kinds of  machine knife,industrial knife,circular knife,Food processing knives,kebab knife,Circular Knives.

Tobacco Cutting Knife Tobacco Cutting Knife  

Tobacco Knife


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