Corrugated Cardboard Knives

  We manufacture corrugated cardboard cutting knives ranging in size from 220mm up to 340mm. We can supply the knives with keyways, pin holes and any combination required with remarkable accuracy. We can also produce custom made knifes in any configuration you may require. With our eight available grades of carbide, we are sure to be able to increase your tool life.

  Water-Ring Pelletizer Blade:Agnati, BHS, Fosber, Gopfert, Isowa, Marquip, Mitsibishi, Peters, TCY are some of the machines for which we supply high precision razor slitting blades.



Corrugated Cardboard Knives Corrugated Cardboard Knives Corrugated Cardboard Knives



Corrugated Cardboard Knives Corrugated Cardboard Knives 







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