Pelletizer Blade

LUK Manufacturing innovated many of the advancements in the water-ring pelletizer blade market over the past 45 years. LUK continues to lead the market by offering cost competitive blades at the tightest tolerances in the industry. By holding our blades to the tightest tolerances in the industry, we increase your blade life and reduce die plate wear. Contact your LUK representative today for a no obligation trial order and we will prove all blades are not equal.

  We offer: Beringer (Xaloy), BKG, Erema, Gala, Munchy, NGR and other OEM Knives from stock or we can build custom blades* to your specifications

  Custom blades:

  Built to maximize your extruder's performance

  We have 45 years of experience and capabilities such as our own heat-treating facility that allow us to customize any blade material to your application

       We make different kinds of  machine knife,industrial knife,circular knife,Food processing knives,kebab knife.
Pelletizer Blade

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