Working Processes

Enquiry: We will respond all enquiries within 24 hours (enquiries with drawings, samples) and provide quotation within 48 hours.
Order: When the order is confirmed, all the drawings and samples will be converted into CAD drawing. We will arrange time schedule for producing customer order after design drawings are confirmed by both parties. During the producing period, Lian will update tracking and recording progress and feedback to customers regularly.
Inspection: The inspecting work will run through the production. There is also a second inspection before delivery, in order to make sure our products are in good condition.
  Packaging: All knives are packed with anti-rust paper and edge protection rubber. Corrugated paper carton will be used. Big knives will be protected by wood case with bolts. Ensure products are 100% safe and sound during delivery.
Delivery: We select the appropriate delivery service agents who will provide a safe and convenient transportation, logistics. You can trace delivery status timely.
After-sale service: We are responsible for every piece of knife of our company. We have the ability to examine all of your cutting applications and offer you the very best solutions to help improve your performance and accuracy. The return visit will be paid in a regular time.
Sharpening service: If your knife no longer performs to your liking, our sharpening service will establish a new sharp edge. Chips and Broken tips can often be corrected as well.



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